Event Technology

  • Imaging technology
  • Sound equipment
  • Lighting design


The technology experts from our partner company Habegger make sure your event benefits from state-of-the-art technology, extensive experience and passion. Light design, video and audio technology, event content - Habegger knows how to make the most out of your event.

Introduction to Habegger

Habegger AG develops, plans and completes that special media experience. As a leading service provider, we manage over 1,800 local and international events, exhibitions and architectural mises en scène every year. With 30 years of experience in event technology, interior and interaction design, digital signage, content production and the commitment of 160 staff, our projects leave a lasting impression.

Onsite mise en scène

  • Pictures and moods convey lasting, emotional impressions. It takes experts in presentation to set the scene in exactly the right way for your products and visions. We turn your ideas into reality. 


  • Our processes guarantee your success. From conception via planning to technical implementation, we apply defined project phases that are networked among the different disciplines. Feel free to try us out. 


  • Your target group can access information quickly and easily through digital solutions, such as touchscreens, mobile applications or augmented reality. Interaction is a fun way of including the user.

Content production

  • We create scripts, develop graphics displays, assume production, shooting and content creation. Habegger turns pictures and messages into an event.


  • Light or sound, video or LED, electricity or IT infrastructure - the right technology implements creative concepts effectively. State-of-the-art event technology makes your event appear in the right light. 


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